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Trichotillomania, Skin Picking and Other Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors

If you or your child suffer from trichotillomania or skin picking then neurofeedback can help by offering you alternative, non-destructive ways to reduce and release tension. By reducing your overall stress levels and helping you keep your mind in a more constant state of calm, you will be better placed to learn new patterns of behavior and better ways of dealing with stress when it does occur.

Brain biofeedback training of this kind is, in essence, a relaxation technique and will be used to assist in reducing anxiety in addition to Habit Reversal Training and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.


At the Center for Neurofeedback, we will help you or your child using brain biofeedback by helping you to self regulate your brain activity. From this point of understanding, you can start learning how to manage your thoughts and maintain more constant levels of calm, helping to prevent the onset of hair pulling or picking behavior and manage the urge to pull or pick.

How can Neurofeedback help?

Your initial Neurofeedback sessions will help you train your brain to a more self regulated state. This is just as simple for children as it is for adults.

Your therapy sessions will include identifying the sensations that accompany your urge to pull, such as a build up of tension in the facial muscles and a restless sensation in the hands.We’ll help you work towards a life without trichotillomania by moving on to teach you breathing techniques and ways in which to reduce muscle tension


You’ll actually see how these actions impact upon your brainwaves and this may assist improvements in your condition. Neurofeedback may enhance Habbit Reversal Training and reduce periods of zoning out for hair pulling and skin picking.

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