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Neurofeedback can help regulate your brain and improve the quality of your life

Your brain has spent its whole life wiring itself into a certain way of thinking and of doing things. The constant buzz of electrical activity between the neurons inside your skull – your brainwaves – allow you to recognize friends, manage your personality and coordinate your muscles during a ball game in the park.

Once your brain has become accustomed to how it normally does something, it can be very hard to change. If you are struggling with an emotional disorder, have difficulty paying attention or simply want to try and improve your performance in a certain area, your brain must change and adapt.

Here at the Center for Neurofeedback, we offer Neurofeedback – also known as Brainbiofeedback, Neurotherapy or EEG Biofeedback – to improve and help your ability to self regulate your feelings and behaviors.

At the Center for Neurofeedback, we have seen that this kind of Biofeedback training for the brain can help both children and adults with wide ranging difficulties to genuinely improve their lives. Significantly, this kind of brain training is a viable way to self regulate your brain function often without medication.

Please get in touch and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Neurofeedback training or any of the conditions we treat.

Henry J. Srednicki, Ph.D.
Center for Neurofeedback
Upper Montclair Psychological Associates, LLC

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