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Learning Disabilities

Neurofeedback for Learning Disabilities

Plenty of recent research has shown that efficient and effective learning involves precise exchange of information between many different areas of the brain. The neurons of separate areas of the brain need to communicate to each other at incredibly fast speeds but the timing of these exchanges only have to be slightly out of kilter for learning to be impaired.

Some people with learning disabilities struggle because they cannot maintain their brain activity in the correct state needed for learning and concentration.

Neurofeedback and brain biofeedback have been used to train both adult’s and children’s brains to better coordinate the interaction of neurons in different areas and to help them achieve the correct state of mind for learning. This improvement in timing and the ability to alter the brain’s level of activity is absolutely vital to learning.

Solid research by professionals has shown that brain training of this kind seems to provide more consistent improvements than many other methods for learning difficulties such as dyslexia, problems with reading and math, and visual or auditory processing problems.

Why is Neurofeedback suitable for my learning difficulties?

If you or your child have learning difficulties, you are probably aware of the many techniques which can help teach you to compensate or work around your problems. Neurofeedback may help to improve focus and mental clarity which in thurn may facilitate learning.

Wherever your particular problems lie, at the Center for Neurofeedback we foster growth in learning by using neurofeedback or one of the many other techniques to help improve learning difficulties.

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