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Over the last ten years, thousands of mental health professionals have become increasingly aware of the limitations of medication and psychotherapy for depression. SSRI medications like Prozac or Lexapro are considered “standard” solutions. They target the brain.

Problem with reliance on medications

Many individuals still struggle. Once on anti-depressants, it is hard to get off them. The brain becomes reliant on medication. This makes it more difficult to manage your own mood – to get out of depression or become motivated on your own.

Brain training in depression

Thousands of health professionals – psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and mental health professionals now use neurofeedback daily with their clients.

Think of depression – or just chronically being down – as being “stuck.” Anyone can have an experience that gets them down or depressed. It’s when you can’t lift yourself out of it that depression becomes a problem. Even under difficult circumstances, many people can lift their mood. They may struggle, but not stay depressed or down. When someone gets stuck, they can’t do that. They can’t break out of it on their own. Friends will say – “get a grip”, or “cheer up”. If you could, you would. When the brain is stuck in a pattern of being down, it’s not psychological. Research has shown physical patterns in the brain often correlate with depression.

You can exercise your brain back to health. Training the brain helps break up the stuck pattern. May patients report the impact of training on mood may be powerful.

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