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Asperger’s, Autism and Spectrum Disorders

If you have a child or loved one with Asperger disorder, or Asperger’s syndrome, you’ll know that it’s a disorder on the autism spectrum. People with this condition will usually have trouble in comfortably interacting with others and maybe also show atypical behaviour and development.

How can Neurofeedback help my child?

Like many behavioral conditions, the root of Asperger’s syndrome may be found in the brain. Various studies have linked it to pre-natal brain development and brain imaging studies have suggested that certain areas of the brain are lacking in connectivity or have unusual connectivity between neurons.

Neurofeedback – also known as brainwave biofeedback – targets brain activity directly and trains it to be different. Evidence is showing that patients undergoing Neurofeedback treatment show improvements in attention span, behavior, and social interaction. In particular, obsessive traits and repetitive behaviors, caused by ‘over-focussing’ of the brain on particular things, may be helped with Neurofeedback.

What can we expect from Neurofeedback treatment?

Here at the Neurofeedback Center, a therapist will work with your child and assist in their training.  Neurofeedback works well with children who have short attention spans and because the sessions involve interacting with a computer, most find it an enjoyable and engaging experience. Your child will simply be required to focus on receiving rewards from the computer that may help in self regulating behavior.

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